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1. Vintage Vibes Historically inspired designs are the protagonists of the year. Whether you are drawn to the elegant Art Deco of the roaring twenties, the new objectivity in the 1950 and 1960s or the deliberately angular style of the seventies – retro is in, a phenomenon of our time, which goes hand in hand with nostalgia. Initially, a…


Why You Should Be Wearing Amber Jewellery


Amber Jewellery nесklасеѕ аrе nature’s bеѕt gift fоr not only baby’s and toddlers but moms and dads! Real Ambеr (Baltic Amber) іѕ thе fossilized ріnе tree rеѕіn wіth plenty of natural hеаlth bеnеfіtѕ. It оffеrѕ ѕоmеthіng bеуоnd bеаutіful color аnd unіԛuе dеtаіlѕ. Thе wаrmth frоm thе skin rеlеаѕеѕ the active іngrеdіеnt in thе Bаltіс Ambеr, ѕuссіnіс асіd, a rеѕіn,…


Roses Valentines

The most romantic day of the year is here, Valentine’s Day, the day that is dedicated to those who are in love. If it’s true that love is celebrated every day, in the little things, then it is also true that every once in a while promises are renewed with a special thought for our loved ones. A small…


Contemporary Jewellery Trends to Watch in 2018

Trends 2018

As the seasons change, we tend to get tired of the older pieces we’ve been wearing day in and day out. New, statement-making jewellery is the perfect way to breathe some new life into your look–from big, bold earrings to layered necklaces and, perhaps most surprisingly, the return of the brooch. You can always rely on contemporary jewellery to…


Snow Flakes


Look stylishly snowy all year round with a range of Snowflaked Jewellery. The perfect snow themed gift for that fashionable snow bunny who loves flaunting everything snowy on and off the ski or snowboard slopes. We stock a range of sterling silver and gold plated earrings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces along with a variety of wine charms, cuff links…


Gem Stones

Actinolite Cat’s Eye Actinolite is a rare translucent variety of chatoyant actinolite. It is an amphibole silicate that is sometimes mistakenly called ‘cat’s eye jade’. Agate Agate is a form of chalcedony quartz that forms in concentric layers in a remarkable variety of colors and textures. Agate Geode Agate Geodes are a form of chalcedony quartz that forms in…


Difference Between Ruby and Pink Sapphire

The festive Season is around the colour – and what do you think?  The Colour red. If you ask two people the difference between ruby and pink sapphire, you might get two different answers. By nature, the two stones are almost identical. Both rubies and sapphires are composed of corundum, a variety of aluminum oxide(Al2O3). The defining characteristic is…


Why you should have jewellery evaluated!

WHAT IS A JEWELLERY APPRAISAL? When looking to sell your jewellery, most people tend to include an appraisal in the process. A jewellery appraisal is the process in which a certified professional examines and states a dollar-value for a piece of jewellery. There are 27 types of appraisals that suit different purposes. For example there are a few for…


Looking After Amber

For those who have Baltic amber jewellery in their possession, it is important to know a few tips about amber care and what you should you do to protect your jewellery. This is a quick guide to keep amber in an excellent condition. Amber stones are still alive, as they are in continuous metamorphosis while also interacting with the…