Tanzanite vs Diamond

Tanzanite Diamond

Difference in Color
The first major point in tanzanite vs diamond comparison is the color difference. Diamonds are usually available in a large variety of colors as compared to tanzanite. This is because tanzanite is the specific bluish color gem. Its shades vary from dark blue to light bluish. On the other hand, diamonds have vast color ranges from yellow, pink, or blue.

Most of the experts are of the view that the differences of color shades are due to ways these are cut. The vast range of diamond colors starts from colorless stones and also ends at faint pink or yellow colors. This means that diamonds have more color variety as compared to tanzanite.

Difference in Sparkle
Tanzanite and diamond also belong to two different classes of stones with respect to the sparkle. The grading reports show that diamond possesses more sparkle than tanzanite. The level of clarity in diamonds is always greater than tanzanite. Diamonds are also more attractive in sparkling because of vast color ranges.

Tanzanite gives out the only blue shades and feels less sparkling. Sparkling depends a lot on the cutting expertise of the gems. An expert cut is always more clear and sparkling than an inexperienced cut.

Difference in Brilliance

Gemstones are a lot famous and mostly used because of their brilliance. Diamond once again takes a clear lead in tanzanite vs diamond comparison because it has more brilliance as compared to tanzanite. All this brilliance is also due to color varieties. The diamond always seems more brilliant in colorless form and light colors. Tanzanite ranges only in blue color which is always less brilliant as compared to light pink and crystal clear colors. It is because of this brilliance that diamond is more costly than all other gems.

Difference in Hardness
Hardness is another standard for comparison when looking at tanzanite vs diamond. Almost all the gemstones that exist and which are being used as costly stones are extremely hard. This harness enables the experts to cut these in crystals. Diamond once again wins because it is harder than tanzanite.

Tanzanite is usually soft but wears fast as compared to diamond. The hardness of the diamond is the main reason behind clarity and crystalline forms of the diamond. The expertly cut crystals of diamond are always brilliant and sparkling. Tanzanite, one the other hand, is less sparkling and brilliant because of being soft.

Difference in Clarity

All the beauty, shininess, and attraction of the gemstones lies in their clarity. The clearer a stone is; the more sparkling and brilliant it would be. Diamond is once again the winner because it excels all other gemstones in clarity. Diamond seems crystal clear in colorless form as compared to colored varieties. This is why most of the people use diamond around other gemstones like ruby, tanzanite, and others to increase the beauty and overall look of the ornaments.

Tanzanite also has clarity but a lot less than diamond. Tanzanite surrounded by diamond is often used in rings. The contrast between bluish tanzanite and colorless diamond seems a lot attractive.

Difference in Cut
Gemstones are usually hard, and one needs to cut these for obtaining crystals to use in various ornaments. Cutting is not as easy as people think because all the brilliance and sparkling of gemstones lies in it. Here, it is also important to mention that hard stones are difficult to cut as compared to soft stones. But, nowadays cutting machines are available to cut such precious stones in a better way. Cutting of diamond needs more expertise as compared to tanzanite because it is harder than tanzanite. Tanzanite can be easily cut because of being soft.

Difference in Price
Price is another important factor to differentiate different gemstones from one another. Tanzanite is low priced gemstone as compared to diamond. It usually sells at $600-$1000 per carat price range. The diamond, on the other hand, is a lot costlier than all gemstones being used across the world. Diamond sells at about $1.4 million per carat in the market. Thus, in terms of price diamond takes a clear lead over all the other stones including tanzanite. Tanzanite is the cheapest stone in the list of beautiful gemstones.

Strengths and Uses
Strength is another major factor when looking at tanzanite vs diamond. Both diamond and tanzanite also differ a lot in strengths and uses. Diamond is widely available and is more used both at domestic and industrial levels.

Tanzanite is the rarest stone and is not available for industrial use. Also, it does not possess the industry required hardness. It’s rating in hardness is only 6 out of 10.

The diamond has an overall rating of 10 in hardness. Therefore, there is the need of the industry for cutting of diamond stones through machines for better sparkle and brilliance.

Bottom Line
After reading the entire article, we come to the conclusion that diamond is an outclass gemstone and it would not be quite fair to compare it with inferior gemstone like tanzanite. Diamond beats tanzanite in our tanzanite vs diamond comparison with all qualities and stands at the top position in the class of precious stones. The colored diamonds are even costlier than colorless counterparts.

Moreover, another reason for diamond being the winner is the availability of this gemstone. Tanzanite is the rarest of all known gemstones. However, a combination of tanzanite and diamond in the rings and other ornaments is appreciated because of the contrasting colors of both the stones.