Birthstone June – Pearls & ?

June Birthstones

What is the June Birthstone? People who are born in June are actually lucky enough to have not one, but three stones associated with their birthdays. The June birthstones are: pearls, alexandrite’s & moonstones. June Birthstone #Pearls Officially the world’s oldest gem, pearls are unique as they are not found deep under earth like most gemstones, but instead are…


Jewellery Appraisal?

Jewellery Values

WHAT IS A JEWELLERY APPRAISAL? When looking to sell your jewellery, most people tend to include an appraisal in the process. A jewellery appraisal is the process in which a certified professional examines and states a rand-value for a piece of jewellery. There are 27 types of appraisals that suit different purposes. For example there are a few for…


About Tanzanite


Tanzanite Tones and Saturation Tanzanite owes much of its beauty to an unusual gemological property called pleochroism, the ability to exhibit more than one color. When viewed from different directions, tanzanite can look blue, violet, purple, bronze or even gray. This is because Tanzanite is a trichroic gem. Very few stones are trichroic and this is what makes tanzanite’s…