What is Green Amber?

Green Amber

Green Baltic Amber
When amber comes to mind, people usually think of hardened gemstone in red or golden color. The common knowledge is, amber that comes in other color variations are not genuine or are made of glass or plastic. Not everyone knows is the fact that there are Amber that comes in light green or dark green color variations. Green Baltic amber, like all amber goes through the same natural process before becoming one. The only difference really is its color. Along the process of being an amber the resin traps some fresh green leaves before it has hardened. This green leaves gave the amber its green pigmentation before it is fossilized.

How is it formed?
Just like other amber formations, green amber starts as resins from Hymenaea protera trees. The only difference are the fresh leaves that came along with this resin as it left the trees. When the resin were hardened, the leaves that it covered did not go through the decaying process, maintaining its green pigmentation. As years gone by, these resins went through natural fossilization process which includes pressurization. As the resin were pressurized the liquid like resin becomes “gummy” and becomes copal. All amber becomes copal at one point before turning into amber after a million more years. Along these millions of years, heat and pressure burns off the hydrocarbon and alcohol traces in the resin turning the it into a light weight and clear gemstone.

Natural Color
Green Amber together with its inclusions are naturally green in color (although some comes in dark and some lighter). Usually, the clearer green amber variations come from the ocean. It’s much clearer because the ocean waves have taken off its imperfections, making it clearer and smoother. While the mined varieties need more smoothing by going through a machine.

Natural Fragrance
Green amber like its yellow and red counter parts release a natural scent which is pleasant to the nose. This fragrance can be enhanced by adding nitric acid to a melted green amber. Although this is inadvisable for those amber that are already set as jewelries. Green amber when worn against the skin produces a very pleasant scent which is piney and soft.

Green Amber on Jewelleries

Smooth green amber are natural art. This gemstones are very unique and can be placed on silver or even gold sets. It is used on earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Some even use it for anklets. With the discovery of green amber, amber enthusiasts and collectors began to be active again. In fact, many are trying to find other amber variations to complement their jewelleries.

Healing Powers
Amber has long been associated with healing. All natural amber produce succinic acid when worn against the skin. This acid is then absorbed by the skin, giving the wearer a calm feeling. Its natural oils are also extracted to be used for spas and other wellness centers. Teething infants can also benefit from wearing amber jewelleries while teething.